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26 août 2009 3 26 /08 /août /2009 15:20
IEEE Fuzz is a very applied conference, with acceptance of almost all submitted papers, and nonetheless highly ranked in the Core ranking of journals and conferences. I will not comment on these facts, and on whether hhighly applied research conferences are a good idea or not; I will just below give a very brief idea of which domains were present at IEEE Fuzz.

All comments welcome - also comments by people far from computer-science as I'd like to know if non-scientists agree with the application fields chosen by people in computer-science.

The following applications were presented:

1. Medical early diagnos; definitely I'd like to work on things around that; let's cite in Fuzz:
   a. early detection of hand osteoarthritis

   b. Recognition of respiration patterns (application to respiration troubles
        while sleeping)
   c. Detection of dementia through respiration patterns (I find that amazing that one  
         can detect dementia just from respiration patterns!).
   d. Analysis of lesions of thorax
   e. Detection of elders' activity (for detecting health troubles from the behaviour - as
       for sismic troubles, Japan is highly concerned by this)

2. Biometry.
   a. Recogniition of agressive actions (a best paper award for this).

   b. Recognition of people from the pressure pattern of theirs steps
   c. Fingerprint classification

   d. Management of google-like requests

3. Automatic management of machines / clustes / grids
  a. Vulnerability detection in Linux kernels
  b. Automatic allocation & migration of jobs or grids (is someone aware of something which works, and
       not only experimentally in highly controlled conditions, in terms of jobs migrating on a
      heterogeneous grids ? I've only seen that in very easy contexts).

4.Applications to cars

   a. Detection of free parking spaces
   b. Network for real-time informations on the traffic

5. Computer-Go.
The session "computer-Go" was big. Many people attended, and not only people working on it - there is (hopefully :-) ) the idea that the strong recent changes in computer-Go have a deep impact on general artificial intelligence.

6. Other applications:
    a. seismic response control of a civil structure; of crouse, "Fuzz" is an important domain in
       Japan which is highly concerned with seismic troubles.
    b. Automatic music generation from examples

    c. Music rights protection systems

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