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12 mai 2011 4 12 /05 /mai /2011 06:04


For some reason, you want to back up you blog:

  • Possible reason 1:you want a copy that will still work if some images (links) disappear (images which

              are included from the web are not duplicated - if they disappear from the web your image disappears).

  • Possible reason 2: you don't trust over-blog for backups.
  • Possible reason 3: you want to study it offline.
  • Possible reason 4: you want to migrate to another website.
  • Possible reason 5: you have to be able to show what was your blog at a given date (e.g. plagiarism).


Under Linux, there is a very simple solution, as follows:


  • Version without image:


                 wget -r -np -k http://teytaud.over-blog.com/



  • Version with images and all necessary elements for proper local display:


                  wget   --page-requisites -r -np -k http://teytaud.over-blog.com/ 


Unfortunately this does not download images from other websites, which is a trouble for the

possible reason 1.

Maybe you can see http://lifehacker.com/161202/geek-to-live--mastering-wget,

or do a little bit of scripting.

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Marian Such 14/05/2011 22:19

also wget -m should work

teytaud 15/05/2011 14:23

Thanks for your comment Marian, this definitely works.

I have still a trouble: the option "-p" saves all images which are requested for the page to be displayed properly,

except the images which are not on the same site. This makes it impossible to get a mirror which includes "really" all necessary images, in case they disappear from the web. I think there's no
option for this in wget, I'll try other tools.