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8 mai 2011 7 08 /05 /mai /2011 15:13


Blind-Go is to the game of Go what Blind-Chess is to chess: playing just orally, without

any board (or possibly with an empty board as a visual support).


OneColor-Go consists in playing with just one color for stones - you have to remember which stones are yours

and which stones belong to the opponent.


If you want to play blind-go on your computer, the best interface I know is "qgo".Qgo has also a "one-color go" option.


If for some reason, you prefer gogui (like me, because it's more convenient for connecting to a bot),

you have to modify "gogui" because there's no option for this.


You can just download the source,and remove the drawing options; but if you're too lazy for it,

you can download http://www.lri.fr/~teytaud/blindgogui.tgz . It's just a minor modfiication of the sources,

and I will remove it if one day the official gogui includes a "blind go" option.


I've also made a hack for "one-color go": http://www.lri.fr/~teytaud/gogui-1.3.0onecolorgo.tgz


Compilation from the sources:

- install ant,  xsltproc,  and the Docbook XSL Stylesheets (with e.g. aptitude under Ubuntu)

- get in the directory, type "ant"


Then, you can launch it by

java -jar ./lib/gogui.jar -size 9

(just for launching gogui in blind mode or one-colonr mode)


or if you want to connect directly to our program:

  java -jar ./lib/gogui.jar -size 7 -program '/home/olivier/mogoblindgo --9 --nbTotalSimulations 200 --earlyCut 0 --minNumberOfSimulationsOfResign 190 --firstMoveFixed -1'


Info: our program MoGoTW (from LRI laboratory, Inria Saclay, TAO team, UMR Cnrs)

         won in blind-go against top players (with the help of Grid5000 and NUTN)


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