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you want to evaluate quickly your level in Go and you have a machine under Linux ?


Here a tool for doing this:


1) Download http://www.lri.fr/~teytaud/yourLevel.tgz ; for example

    with your favorite tool; if you like lynx, you might:

      lynx -dump -source http://www.lri.fr/~teytaud/yourLevel.tgz > ./yourLevel.tgz


2) Unzip it:

     tar -zxvf ./yourLevel.tgz

     cd yourLevel

 ===> if you have a 64 bits machine, remove mogo, and "cp mogo64 mogo"


3) Install gogui, if you don't already have it; http://sourceforge.net/projects/gogui/


4) launch ./testeur99


  ==> a board should come up; just play. When you feel you have lost, you just start a new game;

       if you have won, the machine will tell you that it resgins.

  ==> you can switch off the machine, and switch on again later; the current state is kept in memory.

  ==> after each game, the level of your opponent will be increased or decreased depending on your results.


5) Where are stored your results ?

   The results are stored in files with name starting with "gameRes".

   The current level of your opponent is in "currentSims"; the higher it is, the higher your rank.

   If you << cat `ls -ctr gameRes*` | grep ':[0-9]' >> you will see all your results:

    - a line "wins: 1111 3333" means that you have won


   If you send these files to me, I'll try to tell you the correspondence with Kyu/Dan level; I will also

   post here a correspondence table as soon as possible.



6) How can I tell the machine that I change user ?


  After a few games, the machine should adapt to a new opponent.

  However, you can reinit the process (remove the memory) by

  writing "10000" in "currentSims": 

  echo 10000 > currentSims

  If you assume that your level is around 3000,


  echo 3000 > currentSims

  If you want to remove the logs, just remove the files:

  rm gameRes*


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