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What is rengo ?

Rengo consists in having two players playing Go as a team, without communicating - each player plays in turn.


What is this page about ?

You have two programs which play Go in GTP and you want to use them as a Rengo pair - this page is for you.


Where can I download this script ?



How to use it ?

- uncompress the archive: "tar -zxvf rengo1.1.tgz"

- Modify gtpmogo1 and gtpmogo2 - these are the two scripts which are called by the rengo program.
   They are supposed to speak GTP, or sufficiently of GTP for your use.
   For example, "gtpmogo1" might be simply "/usr/games/gnugo --mode gtp" and
   "gtpmogo2" might be simply "/usr/games/mogo --9 --nbTotalSimulations 5000". Then, gnugo and mogo
   will play the rengo together.
- Then the script "rengo" is a GTP program which uses the two programs above in turn. The first
   player is randomly chosen.
- The script "compa" launches games between "rengo" and another script, "gtpmogo".
- The script "check" gives results of the "compa" script.


So what ?

- you can use it in gogui

- you can use it in gogui-twogtp

   so you can do experiments like "what if program A plays againt programs B and C"

   or "what if programs A and D play againt programs B and C".


- There are more bugs than I can list here. Only the main ones below :-)
- Sometimes some codes are not properly killed. Kill manually :-)

- Some time is lost in some "sleep" commands (yes, it's dirty programming). So the CPU is not fully used.

    But with non-negligible time setting this should be negligible (maybe :-) )



- send an email if you have troubles - I'm happy when my codes can be useful to anyone :-)

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